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Our unique setup positions us to offer the best services to our clients

General Merchandise Sourcing

VILI INTERNATIONAL specialises in general sourcing. This means that we endeavour to actively seek out manufacturers who offer the best value for money for a wide variety of products. We have sourced everything from furniture,lighting,promotion and advertisment items,used diesel generator,building materials, cat litter,hardware,stationary – the list is endless and ever-growing. Should our customers require specialised quality testing, our 3rd party quality specialists will be called in to test and certify the products,we have many years working experience with SGS,INTERTEK,CCIC.

Private Label Brands and OEM Brands (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

VILI INTERNATIONAL’s unique setup in China positions us to offer private label and OEM branding services to our client. Mass retailers utilise our services to create private or in-house product lines. Distributors with an eye for emerging trends work closely with our team to design, develop and manufacture their own unique brands. Not only does our experience enable us to supply these products at more competitive pricing than our clients have been able to find when visiting China themselves but we also manage the entire quality control and logistical process in order to insure the final product will meet the customers needs and demands.

Promotional and Branded Products

Our Promotional and Branded Products Department supply corporate and promotional items at unbeatable prices. Our widespread network of factories manufacturing everything from electronics, accessories and clothing allows us to offer our clientele existing products or tailor-made items.

Global Clearance Deals

Having a huge network of factories, VILI INTERNATIONAL is regularly offered stock overruns or cancelled orders. In order to recover some of their money, the manufacturers will sell the stock at prices well below the cost of manufacture. VILI INTERNATIONAL passes on these savings and offers the clearance deal stock to our global client base who in turn offer us clearance stock available in their own countries. This positions us to link buyers and sellers worldwide, giving them access to unbelievable deals on a continuous basis.

Fly and Build

Our fly and build department offers our clients the option to fly into China to choose materials which will be used in building or renovating your home, business or development.

You and/or your interior designer will fly into Guangzhou where you will be collected and taken to Foshan where you can choose everything from custom designed kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, doors, furniture and home security and electronics and any other home finishing imaginable. You will stay in a 5 star hotel for 5 days, collected daily by a one of our employees who will ensure that you are offered the best prices and high quality products. Our staff also know all the best restaurants and places of interest in the area and will ensure that your experience is enjoyable throughout. At the end of the week you will fly home and our staff will begin the process of consolidating all the items that you ordered from the numerous suppliers, perform quality control, load the container and have it sent to you. You will typically save in the region of 30-50% on your building, renovation and furnishing costs. This includes your flights, shipping fees, duties and our commission.

China Office

With the world rapidly shrinking more and more companies are buying direct from manufacturers. Cutting out the middleman is now a competitive advantage for some and a survival requirement for many. Working with traditional VILI INTERNATIONAL agents or directly with Chinese manufacturers has serious risks and continuous complications. viliinternational has bridged the gap by enabling business to open their own sourcing offices which are housed and managed through our own structures. This allows companies to bypass all the usual barriers to entry into direct sourcing and manufacturing while keeping risk to the absolute minimum.

Manufacturing & Project Management

We work with our clients to understand their requirements as well as the standards and expectations they have of starting their production in China.

  • Our database is put to use to select factories capable of meeting our client’s requirements.
  • Once approved we work closely with the manufacturer to produce our client’s product.
  • Upon sample confirmation and client approval, production begins.
  • Throughout production our QC staff inspect the goods in order to maintain quality standards. QC reports are then sent to the customer for reference.
  • Inspections are performed throughout the production process

Consolidating & Warehousing

When a client is not operating in a defined industry and are looking to purchase a range of items through a variety of factories, this can quickly become a logistical nightmare. For consolidation projects the process is as follows:

  • Purchase the goods from several manufacturers.
  • Synchronize delivery dates.
  • Calculate shipments to warehouses.
  • Consolidate to maximize shipping space.
  • Formulate most efficient way to get the goods to our clients.

Quality Control

Chinese manufactured goods have developed a reputation for being poor quality. This may be true in some cases but far from being true in others. An advantage we have over our competitors is that we are located in China. It is more cost-effective for VILI INTERNATIONAL to visit factories on behalf of clients, thus allowing for:

  • Frequent inspection visits to the factories.
  • Able to compare the conditions of the factory.
  • Verification of manufacturer certificates and licenses with local authorities.
  • Inspecting of raw materials from which the product is made.
  • Collecting of samples (if applicable).
  • Providing feedback and photos/videos of production (providing a window into the process).
  • Testing of products with 3rd party testing houses (if applicable).
  • Signing of legally binding agreements with both positive and negative incentives for every manufacturing process ensuring lead time and quality requirements are met.


We handle all logistical issues for our clients. Since many clients purchase a range of products – meaning multiple factories are involved throughout China. We assist with consolidating those goods, storing them when necessary, booking and supervising the loading of the container


Airfreight can be arranged when time restraints exist. Airfreight can also be arranged if the product is small in size, light in weight and/or low in quantity. Most air freighting services are reserved for samples, spare parts and low volume, high value items.

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